Friday, April 30, 2010

Alexander McQueen Request !

I really hope stardoll put these kind of shoes in starplaza !
I made posts about these Alexander McQueen shoes before
And i really hope stardoll read this and know that we all would
love to have the shoes on stardoll !
I can imagine how the would look on your dolls !
And i bet they would be on the hot right now list straight away
Prices could be
Depending on the model !
What do you's think ?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lady GaGa Big eye make up look ?

Did you always wonder how to get the Big eye Lady GaGa look ?
well your in for a treat !
I found this amazing video on youtube which helps you do just that
I did it and i have to say it was hard but came out great !
watch this video and try it ?

I can't show my turn out for safety reason !
(coz i am not aloud)
But plz save a pic on tinypic and post on comments
I really enjoyed doing this hope you enjoy this too and hope
i helped you find something to do !

Ps i couldn't find the website to make the eyes big
so if anyone does plz send me the link thx !

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stardoll ELLE shop

Here's the stardoll ELLE shop i dunno why
but they never change it ???
This shop has been here since i joined i think which was a year ago
i love the clothes so i really hope stardoll make a new one !
I love the stardoll ELLE shop its very stylish
what do yous think ?
Its actually one of my favorite shops :D

Guess the designer ?

All i can say for this outfit is WOW
She looks like a picture seriously !
This is the kind of fashion i would put in starplaza
if i was in charge of fashion for one day !
Its simple but it looks out of this world !
truly amazing can anyone guess who designed this ?
15 SD
For who guesses come on give it a shot ?
Comment with guess !
First one to guess gets it !

Winner is


She was right its
Alexander McQueen
So easy she will receive 15 SD
Competition Closed !

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ara-jo on Stardoll

Well here is some more work by
She is one of my fave designers now
i love her futuristic fashion work and i think
she is one of the best at it !
I posted a different post with her dress in it !
I loved it so much that i went and searched for more
designs of her !
And i found this its amazing i think !
So edgy and very trendy !
I really hope in the future that stardoll will
feature some of her work in starplaza
on stardoll
Hope you enjoyed my post and tell me what you think ?

Antidote in starplaza NOW !

Well here's the Antidote shop its out in starplaza now !
Well i only bought 4 things visit my suite to see them if you want
their in my main room !
Anyways i don't really like any of them
And the last Antidote was ALOT better maybe its just me ?
What do you think of the Antidote that came out ?
Give me your feedback

Monday, April 26, 2010

DKNY last chance !

Well it seems this is your last chance to buy the DKNY
in starplaza before its gone so hurry up !
its all half price and there is some gorgeous shoes
and dresses there !

New Antidote !

Well here's the new Antidote that
is coming onto stardoll
Not much to look at a bit of a let down
I hope this is just a bit of it !
This is not really my style but maybe its yours ?
For some reason i don't think it will all be sold on the first day ?
Well prove me wrong :D
What do you think ?

Stardoll DIY shop !

Stardoll DIY shop !
The stardoll DIY shop is for girls and boys
who like to make their outfits hands on !
I love this shop because it lets you be creative
You can make a lot of outfits that have never
been seen before !
So get creative when the next DIY shop comes !
This is the latest DIY shop
(No longer in starplaza)

Stardoll LE

Stardoll Limited Edition
Well this is the only stardoll LE that is aloud to be sold
apart from the 4 pieces that came out this year
I don't find any of the pieces here too nice but they
are pretty in their own way !
These pieces of LE have become extremely rare
Especially the cupid dress
Tell me what you think about it ?
And have stardoll made LE better and better
every year ?
I think they do what do you think ?
Thanks. - Blahm3

(click picture to enlarge)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Fashion Hunch

2010 Fashion ?
Well i was thinking to myself what kind of fashion
would we see later in 2010 and i thought maybe
designers would start going more to a Gothic way ?
I am obviously not a goth but i got these pictures and
as you see you could have any type of style
but these pieces you could rock !
This is just a hunch i am just playing around with ideas
If it will be like this you heard it from me first ! :D
Well amazing designs by Nina Ricci (applause)
Give me your feedback thanks.

Chanel Spring !

Hey guys :)
Well i was looking around in my older posts
and i saw that i didn't do Chanel yet ?
If i did tell me anyways i went to look for some Amazing
Spring Fashion Inspiration
And i found this epic outfit i think its so nicely detailed
and very couture !
I think the Chanel brand is amazing they
have sophisticated outfits and just plain wacky one's
I think that's why we all love and adore Chanel
Thanks for reading give me your feedback in comments :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Futuristic fashion

Hey well i was looking at outfits and wow
are yous in for a treat !
I found this amazing futuristic outfit
You would obviously not wear it outside even
at a dinner party but come on look at the detail :O
Shockingly good i think its amazing !
I just had a though why don't stardoll have a futuristic outfit week
and they put outfits like these on stardoll ?
Give me your feedback :D

Stardoll Louis Vuitton Myth ?

Remember Back in 2009
There was a myth that a Louis Vuitton
Shop was going to open on stardoll it was obviously
a fake i was so exited about it but i think i can
safely say that its not coming on stardoll
But whoever made this graphic of the shop
is really good ! (applause)
How do you feel about this ?

Armani Runway

Today I wanted to write about Armani
i think anything with an Armani label is
Amazing !
I put some pictures in to show you
and example i think these dresses
are simply amazing and whenever we get
some Armani pieces on Stardoll i always think
they look amazing !

Friday, April 23, 2010

Real Must haves !

Here’s our top ten list for the season ahead. We hope it helps bring some focus to your shopping this season!

#1 Not so Boring Beige
Pair it with pale yellow or crisp coral for a fresh look.

#2 Animal Prints
Trench coats, shoes, bags and belts come alive with what has emerged as a classic print.

#3 The Little White Dress
A fresh twist on a perennial classic. Pair it with a jacket or cardigan for work — glam it up for a night out on the town.

#4 A Big, Bright Floral Blouse
Belt it over a skinny pant or wear it as a soft, flowing jacket over a simple dress.

#5 Pencil Skirts
High-waisted silhouettes, below the knee hems and stiletto heels give them modern appeal.

#6 Colorful, Oversized Handbags
Pick a hue you love and wear it with everything!

#7 Denim Galore
Classic jeans, of course, but also jackets, vests and skirts too. White and black denim provide a fashion-forward contrast with colorful tops and accessories.

#8 Ballet Flats
Choose those with a slight heel & snipped toes for a fresh look.

#9 The Boyfriend Jacket
Mid-thigh lengths, strong shoulders and rolled up sleeves give it signature style

#10 High Impact Jewelry
Think big. Think bold. Think bargain. Scout out tony boutiques, garage sales and your grandmother's jewelry chest for one-of-kind pieces you'll love to wear!

DKNY half price !

Hey guy in the starplaza Everything in the DKNY
shop is half price so buy what you want
because it looks like its going to be gone soon !

Back to Alexander McQueen

I wanted to come back and look at more
of Alexander McQueen's shoes i think these
are sooo amazing what do yous think ?

My stardoll Graphic

Thanks sooo much to my friend for making me this graphic she changed my medoll
into looking even more like lady gaga SO realistic

DKNY Scuba

I think Stardoll have made an awesome Job at copying the DKNY scuba onto stardoll
which is now one of the most Rarest items on stardoll what do you think of it do you have
it ? what do you think its worth ?

Well getting back to the Antidote issue remember a while back we were able to sell
these antidote pieces for like a day and the Antidote shop was empty ?
so we all jumped to the conclusion that new Antidote was coming out ? so when is it
coming out these Antidote pieces have been out for AGES we need new Antidote you agree ?

More of what we want to see in Starplaza ?

Hey guys first of all thanks for following ! well i would love to see these
shoes by Alexander McQueen making its way into Starplaza ! prices could be
anything between 22sd to 40sd ? because i think they are worth it tell
me what you think they are worth ? -Blahm3