Monday, June 28, 2010


Hello everyone [: I'm just writing to inform you all that I'm going away on a trip towards Italy tomorrow, and I'll be gone for 15 days.. So, I won't be able to post a thing if you didn't got the point [;

Anyway! Ciao!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Guess the Dress win 15 stardollars

Guess The dress i am so excited about doing this comp everytime
because everyone seems to love it :)
Today i chose one of my favourite desginers who i actualy have clothes
and bags from because its affordable ranges from 60-400 euros so its okay !
So first one to guess the designer in comments win
But only 3 guesses per person !

Thursday, June 24, 2010

July's Hotbuys !

July's hotbuys are really pretty i like it way
better than June's i love all the summery colors and all the patterns !
i also like that its also accessories like glasses and earing not just
clothing ! what do you think ?

Sonia Rykiel Tribute Shop !

The new tribute shop is out !
it is called
Sonia Rykiel Tribute !
And i have to say this is one of my favourites so far !
Its very stylish trendy and new i like it !
Do you leave thoughts in comments !

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Kohl's Collection!

Hello everyone! As you might have seen in different spoilers a new Kohl's collection was on it's way! It is now for sale in Starplaza! It's called Hang Ten.
In my opinion it's quite of a bad collection.. I only like 3 pieces, the rest, is in my opinion; Boring and ugly. What do you think about this new collection?


Monday, June 21, 2010

Amazing new competition win 15sd !!!!

Well me and Linnea are trying to think of a new competition idea
for this blog ! We already have Guess The Dress which is doing amazingly !
But now we need a new competition to go a long with it
so i though why not make a competition idea into a competition ?

Ok so here are the rules

1: Think of a competition for this blog (fashion related if possible)
2: No copyrighted competitions for other blogs !
3:Try to make it fun and enjoyable !

Make one up and write it in comments person who has best idea me Linnea and Jen
Will pick the winner and the person will get 15sd !
And we will make it an official competition !

The winer of Guess The Dress is - - - - - - -

Finally we got a winner
The correct answer was

And the person who go it was
I thought someone will get it when i said the designer began
with C so well done and you will recieve your 15sd shortyly !
Congradulate her :)

All blog followers (Please read urgent)

Hello my wonderful readers !
I would just like to make a post about saying thanks for
reading my blog posts and commenting
commenting my posts and my team members make out days but
a lot of our followers never comment i would be so happy if more of
our followers started to comment posts its not hard but it makes
my day so thanks to those who do and i hope people will start to do so more !
Comment if you are going to start doing it more !
Here's a list of members who are regurarly active and comment posts !


I hope this list becomes bigger so the blog will become more popular and
and more fun when i start getting more comment i will make more comps with
even bigger prizes !

Thanks ! -Blahm3

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Guess the Dress win 15 stardollars

Okay heres the guess the dress comp last time
we had our biggest turn out yet we had over 40 comments !
Okay so all you have to do is guess in the comments
who you think this dress is by !
First one to get it wins !
15sd !
Get guessing

Thursday, June 17, 2010

LUXE Make Up Out!

Hello everyone! A new make-up brand is now for sale in Starplaza! LUXE! It may get heard at the name , but, this make-up collection is A LOT more expensive than the previous collections from Sephora and DOT.. In my opinion; Too expensive for make-up. One piece I found interesting was the lipgloss! It has never been another lipgloss on Stardoll so I think this was a nice piece.. Unfortunately; It's fairly seen from a long view, too bad!
Lipstick and lipgloss.

Another interesting thing is the fact that this make-up actually shimmers! Yes, try it yourself! Maybe that's why the high price?

What do You think about it?


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New ss hair styles by Blahm3

Here are all the new hairstyle for ss
i think they are MUCH better than last time !
What do you think ?
And also a big thanks to my sister
for letting me use her doll as a model
if you use the images give my blog credit !!!
Thoughts ?

Just Cavalli Tribute here !

The Just Cavalli Tribute is finally here !
I don't think they are to die for but i do think they are nice !
i like some of the pieces and will buy some what do yous think ?
(click image to enlarge)
Thoughts >?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Unhealthy Models Vs Healthy Model

I debated on weather or not to post this .
But i decided that this is reality and maybe something
we should think about ........................
i was browsing to find some extreme fashions and
stumbled across these models and thought it
might be a good topic to talk about !

Unhealthy Models !

My opinion : this is really sad and Im not sure why these girls are modeling like this , i think they should be in a hospital getting the help they need to get healthy And (maybe a burger or Three ~! ) this is really unhealthy Wow ! what is your opinion??????

Healthy Model !
My opinion : this is healthy and beautiful !

Whats your opinion ?? and or concerns ??

Thanks !

Hairy Fashion !

Hey do you love some more innovative fashion trends ? If answer is yes then hairy fashion designs are perfect for you. These fashion designs are ultimate fashion dresses from Spring/summer RTW collection. These are also part of celebrity’s style sense.

And we all love to follow celebrity’s fashion trend that’s why hairy fashion designs are one of the top fashion outfit. I am talking about really hairy the kind that make you look like Big Bird.

Now the insanely hairy designs are being embraced by fashion magazines, as you can see in this editorial in the January issue of Flair magazine. If you are particular about your style then invest money in more elegant and stylish

What Are your thoughts???
Pretty cool , huh !