Friday, July 30, 2010

Guess the Dress win 15 stardollars

Guess The Dress is here !
Sorry for being so late with it i am really busy with stuff atm but yeah
i finally get time to post this hopefully it will not be wrong information again !
Okay so rules the same as always first one to guess the Designer of this dress
wins 15sd !
*hint* don't use all your guesses at once !
3 guesses per person !

Thursday, July 29, 2010

If Follower Please read about New Group !

Okay guys i really need your help Me and my friend Lily made
a new group its about fashion accesories and just new projects on stardoll !

Beautule means Beautiful you in french :)


Please follow and comment the most recent post we are gonna try make it a success
and we are not going to be bitchy about other groups at all !
Thanks for reading please comment if you are going to follow
This blog is going to be part of it !

L'occitane make up is Here !

The new makeup is here its not in its store yet but you
can find it in recent items its nicer than LUXE i think but its way too expensive
and i thought there would be more ?
It it very useful make up but as i said very expensive !
Any thoughts ?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

50% Off in Starplaza !

There is a sale for superstars 50% off they don't show at the start
of Starplaza whats half price anymore you have to go to stores and look for them
yourself ! Stores that have sales in them are Bisou,Rio,Stardoll ,Fudge,Decades,Folk
pretty in pink.Tingeling, Fallen Angel and Evil Panda.
I might have missed some but you get my point only in the most usual shops

Hope i helped thanks for reading
Any thoughts ?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Best Dressed Of the Week Winner Announced

Best Dressed Of the week winner is

The poll is at the bottom of the post it was a close battle between
Blondygirl000 and Ashlee_bu

He received his gift but here is an interview about him !

Name: Matty
Age: 15
Country: Georgia

Inspiration: My Mind, Alexander McQueen

Fave Stardoll Shop: I don't Really Have Fave Shop. I always Buy what I like

Fave Fashion Designers: Alexander Mc Queen, Louis Vuitton, Vivienne Westwood

Congratulations to him and we can't wait to see next weeks
contestants we will open the entry form soon !

-OSF Team..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our-Stardoll-Fashion News

Okay so i wanted to make a post about the pages we made underneath
our blog header !

Music Requests: You can request what music to put on the blog

Competitions: look out our blogs weekly competitions and give us competition advice

Make Up tips: A page for Linnea's weekly make up tip post where you give her idea's

There will be more pages added i did this post to let you know what each one is for
and hope you will use them !
(click image to enlarge)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finalists Announced Voting begins !

*Reminder to vote*

Okay so here are the finalists !
We have worked hard on picking them and we finally narrowed it down
to 3 people and i have to say for our first week amazing turnout and everyone
was amazing it was hard to choose but we chose these it doesn't matter
if it is a boy or a girl just vote for the best dress in the poll below !
In comments you can leave who you voted for !
Votes will close Monday !
Blahm3 and .pease.

Going Away!

Hey everyone [: Once again, I'm going on vacation, this time to a place called Gotland though, anyway! Won't post in about a week or so, just so you know [: See ya!


Weekly Make-Up Tutorial: Casual Chic

Hey everyone! Okay, as mainekaite wished for make-up fashion tips me and Amanda decided to do Weekly Make Up Tutorials! I'll be doing them and there will be a different style/special location each week. This week I'll do a Casual but Chic make up with smoky eyes, marked cheekbones and light lips. Follow the tutorial! :D

Step 1:
Start with adding a light lipstick over the whole mouth.

Step 2:
Add a thick mascara at the end of your eyelashes only.

Step 3:
Add as much white Eye Pencil as you can inside of your eyes.

Step 4:
Then add some dark [I used brown, green or purple or some other smoky color works too!] Eye Pencil at the end of your eyes.

Step 5:
Add some eye-shadow in a similar color as the one you used in Step 4 outside of the eyes towards the spot over your ears as long as it goes.

Step 6:
Add [quite much!] white Eye-shadow inside your eyes.

Step 7:
Use a black Eye Liner at the end of your eyes as I've done above.

Step 8:
Then add some white Eye Liner inside of your eyes.

Step 9:
At last, the cheekbones! Make sure you have a lot of white blush from the "original stardoll blush"-thing and then use some dark [darker than your skin tone] under the white one, apply it in straight lines, starting at the middle of your ears and ending just above your mouth.. See the picture.

So, done! :D Voila! If you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions/wishes for following WMT's, please write in comments also if you use this tutorial post a tinypic image of your new look [:


Futuristic Fashion. By Blahm3

When we think of the future we think of flying cars diseases being cured
and an easier way of life.
But not many of us think about the fashion of the future !
I did a post before about futuristic fashion but i wanna do a better one now!
These futuristic designs are by one of my most favourite abstract fashion
designers called Ara-Jo
As you can see by her work she is amazing and really does make beautiful stuff
obviously you wouldn't wear these down town but these are definitely meant
for the catwalks but it does open our eyes to the fashion
we may see in the future.
Thanks for reading my article.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Starpoint rewards !

KILLAH DENIM on stardoll

What are your opinions on these Jeans ??? Do you like Or not ???

I like these Harem style better then the ones on stardoll !
how bout you ??

Our-Stardoll-Fshion Needs your help !

Me and Linnea are trying our best to come up with ideas to make
the blog better and easier to use !
We are running out of ideas we got a new banner we got new staff card gadgets
we hired new staff we have new comps and
we are having a poll whether to keep the music player or not.
But now i thought it would be best to let yous have a decision on what happens in
the blog so in comments if you have any ideas please leave some not any ideas
we already use or copied ideas but original ones !

We really hope we can make the the blog better and more original than
ever and with your help we can !

O-S-F Team..

Guess the Dress win 15 stardollars

Guess The Dress
Weekly Competition is Here !!!
Okay so this week its kinda easy i tried my best i am spending
my last few stardollars on prizes so here are the rules first
one to guess the designer of this dress wins
15 sd
3 guesses per person
*Hint* Don't use all our guesses at once !Have fun !


Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hey everyone [: Okay, as we're trying to make this blog as good as possible we would love to have your opinion about a thing here; the music player. Do you want to keep it? Please write Yes/No in the comments and if you readers don't want it, we'll remove it [: Otherwise; We'll keep it! Ease, eye? [Yes - I Want To Keep It. No - Remove It.]


Our-Stardoll-Fashion New Banner !

Our Blog got a new banner as i said we would
the makeover is nearly done so here it is
Click to enlarge
Any thoughts ?