Monday, August 30, 2010

How to get the latest LE !!!

LE is out !
its not too pretty but its okay :)
i bought some things there is no store for it yet !
I hope !But if you go to starplaza press search and teh press LE all 6 pages of the new LE
Clothes will be there !
Any thoughts ?

The LE store is open and i love the design of it beautiful
any thoughts ?

Important news !

School is about to start or has already started for many of us
Linnea/.pease. is at school already and i am going to start tomorrow on Tuesday
We will not be able to keep the blog updated as much as we use to during the summer
but we will try everyday :)
I am starting secondary school so i need to focus on my studys and homework :)
Any thoughts ?
When do you start school ?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Guess The Dress Win 15 stardollars !

Okay guess the dress is here :)
Last week no one got it ?? :O
It was...

Vera Wang

Okay this week its way easier since its a more of a couture dress !
So rules the same as always first one to guess the designer of this dress wins 15sd

*Hint* don't use all your guesses at once !

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nude CATWALK !!!

Today there were 3 number ones on the catwalk and all were not wearing any clothes ??
Well at first i thought someone voted someones medoll in the nude for a joke but then
the second one and the third also being with no clothes made me suspicious ?
What is up with all these glitches on stardoll ??
Any thoughts ?


4th person today also with no clothes !

New DOT Collection Out!

Hello everyone! Finally another make up collection from DOT has arrived to Starplaza! This collection contains a bit more seasonally suited colors.
Step 1 & 2

Step 3 & 4

What do You think about the new collection? Will You buy any of it?


Congratz to SMW 3000 Followers !!!

I would like to say a
To Jenna (emorox4eva) and her team for reaching
3000 followers ! Thats an absolutely amazing achivement and she really
does deserve it !
Jenna is really kind she helped this blog get followers to !
I really hope she will go on and make it 4000 in a matter of time !

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hotbuys List !

The Hotbuys are out and i have to admit Very Nice !
I like most of the pieces a mean compared to other collections this is good !
My favourite piece has to be the
Necklace its cool and quirky !
Whats your favourite piece ?
Also don't forget to enter Best Dressed of the week !

Monday, August 23, 2010

Best Dressed of The Week

Hello everyone! Again, it's time for "Best Dressed of The Week". As most of you know by now, it's simply just to but a link with a picture containing your outfit to enter this competition, after that, all readers will be able to vote for who they think will win.

The price is a gift of Your own choice And a whole post about you on the blog, containing facts and info about You, And, if wanted, also about your upcoming projects, starbazaar sales, covergirl campaigns etc. etc.. So what are you waiting for? Post your outfit below in comments!

Good luck!


New IdentiTEE shop Fail or Success ?

Okay so the new IdentiTEE shop is out !
I like the concept of the shirts and the writing on it


And what the other 3 say i do not understand.

So what do you think is this collection a Fail or a Success ?
Post your thoughts in comments.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lipstick Spoiler!

Hello everyone! Finally! The long longed spoiler for Lipstick's return issue is here! The graphic work is amazing, anyway the parts we're seeing [; And another thing I find interesting is all of the question marks which have been placed on the models faces, and on the different headlines.
What do You think about it? Do You think the return will be a hit?


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Make Up Tutorial - Back To School!

Hello Everyone [: Once again, it's time for our Weekly Make Up Tutorial! This week we got a request from Carleit, wishing this weeks theme would be "Back To School" [If you'd like to request a theme, do it below "Make Up Tips" on the header], it will be a cute and natural look which is perfect for the school start [; So, here we go;

Step 1
Use a bright pink [red may also work] lipstick at about half of your lips [see picture].

Step 2
Apply a skin toned lipstick on your Whole lips, this ads a very natural pink tone at your lips.

Step 3
Apply mascara at the end of your eyes. Very thick!

Step 4
Use a black eye-liner at the way I've done on the picture.

Step 5
Then add a quite dark colored eyepencil that match good with the lips from the end of the eye-liner-line, and as far away from the eyes as possible, towards where the mascara stops [See picture].

Step 6
After that, add some black eyepencil inside the purple [which I used], but be sure not to cross the colored line.

Step 7
Add some more eyepencil, this time white [or another very light color], inside of your eyes [See picture].

Step 8
Now, use a dark blush and apply it in circular movements around your cheekbones, also add some more from your ears, and towards the chin.

Step 9
Done! As you see, I used a pair of big, so called "nerd glasses" to strengthen the school-feeling.

What do You think about this look? Will You try it out? And please give me feedback about what You like/do not like, I'm very curious about Your thoughts [:


Friday, August 20, 2010

Miss Stardoll World Shop Is Out.

Okay so the Miss Stardoll World Shop is out in starplaza
The clothes aren't too expensive but i don't really get the point ?
I like some of the things there but some i don't.
I don't know but maybe wearing them can give you more of a shot of becoming
Miss Stardoll ?
Any thoughts ?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guess The Dress Win 15 stardollars !

Okay so finally i get to do Guess The Dress again !

This weeks designer is also pretty well known !

Same rules as always first one to guess the name of the person who designed
this dress wins 15sd !

*Hint* don't use all your guesses at once !


Blahm3 is Back !

Hey guys,
I am back from vacation and now i finally will get time to update the blog
with guess the dress comps and other posts !
I would like to say thanks to .pease. and chargerchick for keeping the blog updated while
i was gone i will start posting ASAP.


Little Doll on the Prairie - Styled Outfits

Hey everyone! New styled outfits has arrived, yay! This theme is called "Little Doll on the Prairie" and obviously, it has influences from, right, the prairie. I like it, I think it's very pretty and cute! The shoes with socks for example, me like!
Picture 1
Picture 2
What do You think about it?


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stardoll Sense Opening Party!

Hello everyone! As I told you all about yesterday, this weeks Best Dressed, syligirl, is a writer for BershkaGirl601's reopened blog Stardoll Sense, and tomorrow, they'll host an invitation party! See below;
The graphic work is great, and the dress code is also, great! So, will You go? What do you think about the invitation?


Monday, August 16, 2010

Best Dressed Of The Week: syligirl

Syligirl's outfit of the day.

The headline says it all, congratulations! So, here's a bit about Ayla, this weeks best dressed;

Name: Ayla
Username: Syligirl
Country: The
Age: 14

Interests: Fashion,Music,Making friends and mush more..

Inspirations For My Outfits: Lady Gaga is a big inspiration for me, I love her style and personality.

Favorite Designers: Iris van Herpen and Alexander McQueen.
Future Dreams: I don't really have any dreams for the future.
Favorite Stardoll Shops: I love all shops, but I think I buy most stuff in starbazaar.
Favorite RL Shops: H&M,vero moda,topshop and new look.

Ayla is also reopening! There she and some of her friends will write about the latest stardoll news, fashion and much more! There will also be an opening party on the 18th of August, invitation will be out soon. Click here to visit the blog and follow!




Friday, August 13, 2010

if i were getting married ..............


If you were getting married
which gown would you choose????



Please Post your choice ! =) thank you !

Best Dressed Of The Week Finalists!

Hello everyone! So, it's time for voting again! This week it was just as hard as last week to pick the three girls, you all did a great job! So here's the three contestants:

1. rralucaa1996

2. MissCunha 3. syligirl
Oh, and as I don't know ho to put voting-polls in posts, I'll put it on the sidebar this time, at the top! So, vote on your favorite in the sidebar! Oh, and also tell in comments if you think it's better to have it in the actual post, or on the sidebar. Everything for you readers [:

Good luck to all girls! And if you didn't got in this time, apply for next weeks competition too! As said, it was a very hard decision, maybe it's your turn next time!


IdentiTEE shop out!

Hey everyone! As you may have seen in different spoilers a new shop was coming out, identiTEE. It's now out for sale in Starplaza! What do you think about it? And will you buy any of the clothes?
I personally don't like it at all s: