Saturday, January 22, 2011

Monster Magazine & Venus Couture

Recently there's been loads of projects going on in Dollywood, eh? Some that has really catched my eye, are two who hasn't been very controversial yet, which I kind of really like. First out, we have Venus Couture:
Stunning, isn't it? The very first spoiler of Venus Couture. It seems as if it's going to become hell of an awesome collection!

And second, Monster Magazine:
Monster Magazine has just released their very first debut issue. I must admit, I got Amazed by the unique magazine editing which was shown in this magazine. It's so different from others, which is something I really like.

What do You think about these two projects?


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dollies Wear Dolly Wear!

The recent phenomena Dolly Wear has just released their very first ever debut collection! And what a debut! The color scheme were great for the shapes used in the collection, I think. Check out the whole collection yourself here.
What do You think about it?


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

RAGE Spoiler

RAGE Magazine has just made their very first official spoiler, ever, public! It sure looks like this magazine's going to be promising, doesn't it? Take a look below.
The graphic designer is Missricopenguin and the model is Jay.Pattisson. What do You think about it? Do you think it will become a hit?


Punk/Motorcycle Chic Fashion Trends of 2011

Do you like any of these ?
Pick one that you like or maybe you don't like any ?
Leave a comment with your thoughts.



     Punk Fashion Trends of 2011

     Motorcycle Chic Trends of 2011

     These trends emerged in 2010

     and will continue to influence fashion of 2011.


Do you love or Hate these Looks ?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Competition with huge PRIZES

 Hey guys okay so today we have a little competition for yous.
So as yous might know Our Sardoll Fashion is very close to reaching 500 followers.
But we want to get there as fast as possible so we have made a little competition !
Here's how you can win.

1: You can post on your blog telling them to come and follow ! but make sure they leave a comment saying
your stardoll name example : Blahm3 invited me.

2: You can ask people to come and follow but also make sure they put down in comments you invited them.

3: Make sure they put down in comments you invited them otherwise it won't count.


1st place 100 stardollars/ If not superstar 100 stardolls worth of gifts of your choice.

2nd place 80 stardollars/If not superstar 80 stardollars worth of gifts of your choice.

3d place 50 stardollars/If not superstar 50 stardollars worth of gifts of your choice.

The competition ends next SUNDAY

If we hit over 500 followers you can keep inviting because that will just increase your chances of winning.

Media Partners News

News, News, News! Our Stardoll Fashion has now got it's first official media partners! Exciting, eh? So, from now on, we're cooperating together with;
So stay tuned for more news about TFE and TSG here on OSF!



EGO Magazine

How Big Is Your EGO? I bet you've all heard about the new, sensational, spoiler for .Marcela.. & tcholas93 new magazine; EGO. They just released their official spoiler, and I'm absolutely amazed. It's totally flawless! Here it is:
Brilliant, isn't it? What do You think about it?


Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Classique Award Winners

 Today the Classique Awards took place.
It was a HUGE hit and there were a lot of people at the event.
Our very own writer Linnea/.pease. took home 2 awards which was very good.
Tyler/tylerisbold done a great job on the Live Coverage of the event !
And we here at OSF want to say a HUGE well done to Dei/To_royal for pulling of such a huge event so perfectly it was so much fun !
I will make a list below of the people who won each Nomination just encase yous missed it !

"Haute Couture Female" = .pease.
"Haute Couture Male" = nojorama
"Most StunningMeDoll" = Zoe_COUTURE
"Most Risque" = N1mka4eva
"Most EnviousOf" = Hunnigall
"Biggest Diva" = writemarycat
"Most Alluring Female" = bluegreen96 but she was disqualified for cheating so .pease. won !
"Most Alluring Male'' = MadWorld
"Ground-Breaking Project" = Stardoll's Official NOH8
"Biggest Fighter" = Miss_LolitaF
"Best Designer" = Hunnigall
"Biggest Sweetheart" = Findurlove
"Best Entrepreneur" = writemarycat with Psychotic-Freak  for Stardoll Fashion Week
"Biggest Achiever" = Noelle_page

What a wonderful ceremony and what an amazing outcome !
Can't wait for the next one well done !