Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Starcoins, the Review

Hello fashionable fellows of OSF, how are you all doing? As I logged our loved cyber-fashion-world on today, I, just as everyone else I bet, got quite a grave shock when I noticed this little message on the start-screen of
'A whole new shopping experience', they said. And for sure, a whole new shopping experience, we got. If you are yet not familiar with this new currency of Stardoll, called Starcoins, here's a few facts about it:

- There are now 20 ways to earn money on, rather than 5.
- The new currency is mainly for non-superstars, superstars will be able to use both stardollars & starcoins. [Racism?]
- You can now save up to 1000 sc, rather than 75 sd's per months, as it used to be.
- It has replaced Play-And-Earn.

Now if you read all that, it doesn't seem all too bad, right? A 100 bucks for us all to shop til' we drop for! But, what's the catch then? Nowadays it seems like there's a catch in everything stardoll manages to do. Now, the catch of this is quite an awful one: When those 1000 sc's you've saved are shopped up, you're out of the game. You get no more, those 1000 starcoins are what you're supposed to be able to shop fashion for, in a whole stardoll-lifetime. But of course, if you becomes superstar: Poof, the problem is all away. You get your regular monthly stardollars, while the poor non-superstar's get to suffer a poor stardoll-life. Sad, isn't it? Fashion should be given to everyone! & not just the wealthy.

As for other news, I found quite a great thing on the start-page as well! Look here:
Stardoll has finally heard our prayers: You can now reserve your rare trade-clothes for the people you're trading with. Fi-na-ly, I say! Fair fashion-trades, at last.

What are your opinions about this? Is stardoll getting divided into a non-superstar & a superstar-class, like racism? Tell me your thoughts in comments.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Love this Christian Dior Couture !

Dress Shabbily and they remember the Dress;

Dress Impeccably and they remember the Woman ! -- Coco Chanel
Any thoughts ?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Reckless Spoiler, Indeed

It's wild. It's fierce. It's reckless. It's out! The official spoiler for the first issue of Reckless Magazine, owned by Ashy_Loves_You, is out! 

I must say, I'm really impressed by it. As stated above; It's brand new, thereby the whole spoiler is impressive with that they've produced no other spoilers yet in mind, but also the wildness about this makes me all happy and relaxed!

What do you think about it? How do you think that the real issue will be like when it comes out?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Doll Feature: -LimitedEdition

Click to enlarge.
 Hello fellow OSF-readers, long tim no see. I feel slightly ashamed for letting such a huge period of non-posting come just after my very first post. Either way, I'm about to change that right now. [;

As I did my daily scanning over my favourite doll's outfits, I came by this stylish mister. -LimitedEdition blew me away with this outfit, not only because the interior design matches so perfectly to the outfit, but the outfit itself is also so incredibly well accessorized and executed. The colours-really blend together great alongside with the fabrics. Bravo!

What do you think about this outfit? And tell me, do you like this segment? I'm thinking about doing more of these but I'll need your help to decide.. [; Tell me in comments!