Friday, December 9, 2011

LoveorHate ? New LE.

The new LE that came out in Starplaza a few days ago has just amazed me !
The past few collections of LE we really just okay.. But now this collection has really brought
back the true meaning of ''LE.'' I adore the high fashion, chic type of style that they are going for.
This collection is definitely one of the best that Stardoll ever made, and coming close to
even beating the beautiful collection back in 2009.

Sadly when I got the message in mail, and I came to buy some they were ALL sold.
Only a few pieces were left. I think this is an all time record for Stardoll LE sales.
What do you think about this LE collection ? 
Does the price tag match the quality of the clothing ? 

 Which one do you prefer ?