Media Partners.

To become media partners with us its really quite simple !
For you to be eligible you must have.
1: An Active blog
2: Active writers
2 : Over 200 followers (or a bit less)

What would you get out of being media partners with us ?
1 More followers.
2 Updates on your blogs events.
3 Broadcast of your blogs party's/competitions.

What do you have to do for us ?
1 Update about our blog events.
2 Broadcast our party's/competitions.
3 Get us more followers.

If you are interested, Fill out this application in comments.

Stardoll Name:
Blog Name+Link:
Blog Followers:

Current Media Partners: 

The Social Group (Group)
The Stardoll eye (Blog) 
Rejeté' Dans Lé Classic (Fashion Line)


  1. Name: Lindsey
    Stardoll Name: LoveGossip4life
    Blog Name+Link: (stardoll's appearance)
    Blog Followers: 289

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  3. Name: Linus
    Stardoll Name: Dog_boy96
    Blog Name+Link: The Elite,
    Blog Followers: Currently; 76

  4. Name: Humaira
    Stardoll Name: hummy2
    Blog Name: Mainly Modest
    (NEW BLOG)