Friday, March 25, 2011

You're Looking Smokin' Hot, Miss!

 Lady Gaga for Thierry Mugler & Kate Moss for Louis Vuitton
Cigarettes. Deathly for sure. Poisonous as hell. Yes, but fashionable?! For a long time, cigarettes has been seen in editorials, artistic photos, street style pictures, backstage snapshots etc.. But on the runway? No, never. Until now.

Above you can admire Lady Gaga's beautiful face while she walked down the Thierry Mugler runway, covered in smoke. & a little more right you can also see fierce Kate Moss smoking her way down the catwalk of Louis Vuitton. Apparently, cigarettes seems to be the new trend, how sad it even may be.
But really, are we all ready to give up our health just to be trendy or look-a-like to some beloved celebrity? I can't answer for us all, but I think it's very crazy, as well as very irresponsible from the designers, stylists, photographers etc. who's promoting this trend. Sure though, I can admit that it sure looks fierce & casual with a cigarette in your mouth, with white smoke climbing up over your face. But how much are we ready to give up for looking good? What's your opinion about cigarettes in fashion? Would you give up your health to look fierce? Tell me your thoughts in comments, I love feedback.

& also, please feedback for how you liked my first post as well! [: I'm Linus, aka. Dog_boy96 on stardoll, owner of The Elite & Kharma, & now also the very newest writer for this amazing blog! I hope that you'll enjoy my posts.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Want to be a Model for a magazine ?

Today Dirty Magazine released a graphic saying that they were looking for models.
I think that this could be a very good boost to a new model's career.
If you want to try and become a model go to their blog and apply !
Are you going to apply ?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's here. Finally here.

Hey guys! I'm Emily, the new writer of this fabulous blog. This is my first post yet, and I'm sure it won't be the last one. I don't have a lot more to say, so let's just move on to the post itself.

Yesterday, Amanda posted the spoiler of SFW. But now the entire schedule is released. SFW starts today, so let's see what we've got there...

(click on the picture to enlarge)
Tonight, three promising collections will be released. Excited? I sure am! I especially cannot wait for the collection of BYS, because I know how amazing it is already. Tomorrow- three other collections, including mine. I'm nervous about it, it's the first collection I've ever created. Make sure to come and support me! And don't forget to come to the release of Fantasy, which I'm sure is going to be stunning aswell. It is created by Ellen, a friend of mine. And the third collection that'll be released on that day, is Monster by our fabulous Eliza! Can't wait for this to be released either.
Moving on to Thursday, we have Speechless, Red Lips Magazine and The Opposition. Sounds well, let's just wait 'till all of those get released.
Friday. I'm excited about the release of the other collection of WOE- the ready-to-wear one, created by my lovely stardoll twin sister Egle. The collection is fab, just wait 'till you see it!
As in for Saturday and Sunday- the two last days of this month's SFW- we have a few other collections and magazines. And really, I'm sure this week will be a lot of fun and surprises. Or will it be?

What do you think? Are you ready for SFW?

Monday, March 21, 2011

''Stardoll Fashion Week'' Spoiler

 ''Stardoll Fashion Week'' Has just released their official spoiler !!!
And shall I say this looks amazing. It is made by the very talented plami161.
This week there will be countless releases of amazing fashion lines and magazines.
This is one of the most anticipated events on stardoll of the year !
Are you going to be checking out the releases of the Fashion Lines ?
The schedule of all the events will be released soon. 


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Want more Followers ?

 Okay so as you might know we recently hired two new writers..
But that doesn't stop there, we are now looking for media partners for the blog !
If you have a good blog and would like too apply, I have made a new page under our banner
called ''Media Partners'' Go there for all the information.
Are you going to apply ?

 (Made by Eamonn)

Rares ?

 Hey remember the 1 day store back in 2009, when a girl go her designs featured in starplaza.
But then SD found out that they were stolen design, and they took them off the starplaza.
Well now when i visit suites i rarely see anyone have at least 1 piece from the collection.
There are a very few people on sd who have a lot of the clothes from that collection.
So would you say that these clothes are rare ?
They aren't the prettiest dresses in the world, but I think they are very nice in their own way.
So what do yous think are these now stardoll rares ?
Did you buy any when the store came out ?


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Amazing Photo


I love the coloring in this photo !
I cant forget to mention that this dress is made perfectly out
of newspaper ,I Agree that this photo has a great contrast and
amazing Depth .Love how you cant see her eyes ...
It gives a mysterious look for the model =)
Amazing work of art !

New Writer: Dog_boy96

 We have found our final writer.
This person is very creative, and with a style to match ! Dog_boy96
We are very happy to have finally found new members to add to our team !
To the people who didn't get through I am so sorry, but i have to say a HUGE thanks to you all.
We will all be getting new banners soon, and also a new main banner for the blog.

Rejeté' Dans Lé Classic Spoiler

 Rejeté' Dans Lé Classic

Has released their first spoiler, from their Summer collection.
And i have to say I am SO impressed.
The graphic has been made impeccably in my opinion.
I really cannot wait for the official collection, I'm sure its going to be a total show stopper.
Follow their official blog

New Writer: Pirata111

Our Stardoll Fashion has a new writer !!!
It is the very talented Pirata111.
We are all very happy to have such a creative and fashionable person on board our team.
But there is still one place left on the blog !
If you are interested please apply in the post below.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hiring Writers !!! (Application)

 Okay so this blog has been well.. How should I put it a bit DEAD.
Me and Linnea tried to salvage the situation, but its too hard to do it on our own.
So We are going to hire 2 NEW writers !
You will have to fill out this application in comments and when Linnea and I have chosen
the two new writers I will make a post about it.

Stardoll Name:
Writing Experience:
Writing Type:
What would you bring to the team:
To get this job you must be fashionable,charismatic,creative and just have a good personality !
We will need writers who can post at least twice a week.
I will get All new banners made for people, and a new banner for the blog.