Friday, April 30, 2010

Alexander McQueen Request !

I really hope stardoll put these kind of shoes in starplaza !
I made posts about these Alexander McQueen shoes before
And i really hope stardoll read this and know that we all would
love to have the shoes on stardoll !
I can imagine how the would look on your dolls !
And i bet they would be on the hot right now list straight away
Prices could be
Depending on the model !
What do you's think ?


  1. get someone who is good at graphics to design a pair then send them to stardoll

  2. I would love to see this in starplaza OMG i would buy them straight away !

  3. I would love them on stardoll to but you should get a free pair is you buy a superstar up great

  4. Stardoll don't accept things like that they have to see this and maybe they will consider it i hope ! and yeah fashionngirl. that's a good they but they should only do that when they get really popular amongst stardoll members ! and maybe some pairs might be for non ss ?

  5. i would buy them on SD but not in real life i hate heals!

  6. I just love these shoes *-*
    I would sooo buy them .