Monday, September 27, 2010

Make Up Tutorial - Haute Couture

Hey everyone! First of all, I'd like to apologize for my lack of posts. I've been very busy with school and homework lately. Anyway, it's about time for a make up tutorial! this time, BlondyGirl000 wished a Haute Couture make up. So I did my best;

Step 1
Take a white eyeliner at the 'beginning' of your eyes.

Step 2
Take a skin-colored eyeliner underneath your eyes.

Step 3
Take a grey eyeliner above the white one. See on picture.

Step 4
Take a black eyeliner at the very end of your eyes.

Step 5
Take a thick mascara at the same place.

Step 6
Then take a thinner mascara to make the eyelashes longer.

Step 7
Take a light eye-shadow underneath your eyes.

Step 8
Take a white eye-pencil at the same place as the white eyeliner.

Step 9
Take a black eye-pencil at the end of your eyes, see on picture.

Step 10
Take the white eye-pencil again and use it until you reach the black.

Step 11
Then take a black eyeshadow and use it as seen on the picture, make it look smokey.

Step 12
Make your eyebrows black if wanted, I think it looks good with the eyes.

Step 13
Take a light powder from your cheekbones and up, blend it together with the light eyeshadow used before.

Step 14
Then take a dark one and create a shadow under the white.

Step 15
Take a white lipstick, do your lips like shown above.

Step 16
Then take a skin toned lipstick over your whole lips. It creates a great shadow-effect.

Step 17
And you're done! How do You like it? If You have any wishes for future tutorials, please write a comment under the 'Make Up Tips' page. I love feedback [:



  1. STUNNING! :D Thanks dharling, when I am SS, I will buy all the make-up and follow this tutorial (:

  2. wow:)
    that makeup is amazing! well done!

  3. Well...
    I think this make-up is fine, but I don't like it, this is not my style :))

  4. The make-up looks amazing!! :) Great job!! :D

  5. Thanks for doing it,
    It looks fantastic ! :]

  6. i'm wearing an INSPIRED by this one makeup

  7. hey guys i have a question do you do a new make up comp please please write my guetbook my username is ririqoo thanks and your blog is beatiful

  8. I think its so typical stardoll-snob make-up!!
    I hate it - the white and black is awfull, but I think the cheeks are great!