Thursday, October 28, 2010

November Hot Buys

Hey everyone! So, the November Hot Buys has been made public. I like them, or, I like some of them, as usual. [; What do you think about them? Here they are:
Hot Buys Leather Dress - 19th of November
Hot Buys Digital Watch - 21 of November
Hot Buys Bracelet - 29th of November
Hot Buys Big Poncho - 9th of November
Hot Buys Leggings - 17th of November
Hot Buys Dress - 4th of November
Hot Buys Uggs - 25th of November
Hot Buys Shorts - 15th of November
Hot Buys Pale Dress - 12th of November
Hot Buys Glitter Bag - 14th of November

So, what do You think about them? Will You buy any?



  1. Ooo :O

    The pink dress look like a cake xD

    I'll probably buy a lot of them.I like theeem :)

  2. Hah, I Agree With You! ;D I Love Cakes Though..

  3. I love the watch necklace not something i would wear but its cool nevertheless :)

  4. I really like that poncho jumper thing its really pretty :]

  5. Kyky loveeeees them(:

    ESPECIALLY THE UGGS! They remind me of the old ones... ;D

    Hej min Bestie, hur mår du? ganska docka (:

  6. I love this dress and bag. Bag looks like peppermint candy! ;)

  7. I Love Them. My Favorite Are The Uggs, And They Come Out On My Birthday! YEAH! xD