Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lieve By Lolita Big Hit Or Not ?

 Hello dear readers !
Sorry that this blog has been well quite for the past month we are all ready to start posting again !
Okay so my dear friend Lolita/Miss_Lolitaf has released her long awaited new line of stardesigns clothing called Lieve By Lolita
The pieces she has made are simply Devinne and they are not too expensive ! 
I really thing this could go of big for her ?
Maybe she will even give M By Marcela a run for her money.
If you want to purchase some of the items shown below Click
To go to her starbazar !
I am really excited to see the collection after this one and the whole team of OSF wishes her best luck !


  1. If i was ss i would buy some i really like the colours and the paterns used good luck :]

  2. I Do Like The Pattern, It's Very Pretty [: And Also, What's The Best if You Ask Me, The Colors Are Ah-Mazing! I Love Them, Such A Great Match!

  3. It's been a hit. But not like Marcela's.

  4. I think Marcela's might have been more succesful because in her spoiler it showed the patterns we were going to get for the 4/5 weeks she did it but you will never know what Lolita will do next ;)

  5. The colours i love its really nice and maybe one day she will even beat marcela ?