Sunday, December 26, 2010

Last dress of 12 days of dresses

 The 12 days of dresses has come to an end today.
But stardoll has just found a new way to disappoint us.
This dress isn't something to die for but stardoll made it so only stardoll royalty members would get it.
I think its so unfair on all the rest being superstar is just not enough anymore on stardoll.
Any thoughts ?


  1. That's such a weird thing to do.. All Superstars pay for Stardoll, so, they should all get the benefits, no matter if they're in SD Royalty or not. That's just my opinion. s; Although, the dress isn't Too nice.. The shape is pretty, but the pattern?

  2. I think it's fair. If you are Royalty, you might as well get something just for being Royalty. That's like being Superstar and everything is Non Superstar.
    Like, what's the point? It's not special anymore.

  3. You Can't Really Pay To Get Into Royalty, All You Can Do Is 'To Be A Royal Member' Or Something Like That.. Thereby It's Very Unfair, First Stardoll Elitist The Whole Community [Sure, I Get It; Faithful Members Shall Be Privileged] But Then They Also Give Away Exclusive 'Gifts' [Let's Say Gifts] To The Members Of This SD Elite, Which Just As Faithful, New, Members Don't Have A Chance To Get.

  4. Acually, you can become royality by purchasing 12 month superstar membership, I am not sure about that, but check it out on

  5. It's fair and unfair at the same time:

    Fair = You get it for free
    Unfair = It's only for Royalty members

    I got the dress (;
    I like everything about it except at the top :[