Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Classique Award Winners

 Today the Classique Awards took place.
It was a HUGE hit and there were a lot of people at the event.
Our very own writer Linnea/.pease. took home 2 awards which was very good.
Tyler/tylerisbold done a great job on the Live Coverage of the event !
And we here at OSF want to say a HUGE well done to Dei/To_royal for pulling of such a huge event so perfectly it was so much fun !
I will make a list below of the people who won each Nomination just encase yous missed it !

"Haute Couture Female" = .pease.
"Haute Couture Male" = nojorama
"Most StunningMeDoll" = Zoe_COUTURE
"Most Risque" = N1mka4eva
"Most EnviousOf" = Hunnigall
"Biggest Diva" = writemarycat
"Most Alluring Female" = bluegreen96 but she was disqualified for cheating so .pease. won !
"Most Alluring Male'' = MadWorld
"Ground-Breaking Project" = Stardoll's Official NOH8
"Biggest Fighter" = Miss_LolitaF
"Best Designer" = Hunnigall
"Biggest Sweetheart" = Findurlove
"Best Entrepreneur" = writemarycat with Psychotic-Freak  for Stardoll Fashion Week
"Biggest Achiever" = Noelle_page

What a wonderful ceremony and what an amazing outcome !
Can't wait for the next one well done !


  1. Congratulations to everyone who won!

  2. Sadly i wasn't there but congratulations to all the people who won and the people who were nominated ! :]

  3. Congrats to all the people who won ♥