Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Best Dressed and Worst Dressed At 53rd Grammys

Worst Dressed Rihanna

Worst Dressed Hayley Williams

Worst Dressed Nicki Minaj

Best Dressed Selena Gomez

Best Dressed Miley Cyrus

What Do you think ?

These are my opinions on it

Im sure there are others but these are

the ones that caught my eye , either way (good or bad ) lol

Thank you for reading !


  1. I love Rihanna dress. This is Jean Paul Gaultier couture dress. Amazing.....

    I dont like Miley and Hayley dress. Selena look old and Nicki is crazy ;)

  2. Nicki Looks Kinda Kool In A Way! :D I Don't Like Miley's, Haley's Our Selena's Though s: But Rihanna Kind Of Made Her Dress Work..

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  4. Out of these pics, I only like Selena's a bit. But my ultimate Best Dressed was Natasha Bedingfield. I loved her dress. And the worst dress? Amber C. Riley with her painted dress.

  5. I like Selena Gomez outfit! HOT!