Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rares ?

 Hey remember the 1 day store back in 2009, when a girl go her designs featured in starplaza.
But then SD found out that they were stolen design, and they took them off the starplaza.
Well now when i visit suites i rarely see anyone have at least 1 piece from the collection.
There are a very few people on sd who have a lot of the clothes from that collection.
So would you say that these clothes are rare ?
They aren't the prettiest dresses in the world, but I think they are very nice in their own way.
So what do yous think are these now stardoll rares ?
Did you buy any when the store came out ?



  1. Um, yes. I would say that they are. I am not a huge fan of them so.......:/

  2. I think they are kind of nice xD

  3. I love the yellow dress.
    And I would also say they are rare.

  4. I wish I bought some when the store came out. :(

  5. The sketches are nicer than the actual clothing in my opinion. s; But yes, I suppose that they are rare.

  6. They are so cute and pretty. Really love first dress in left...

    But they are not to sale.....