Friday, March 18, 2011

Hiring Writers !!! (Application)

 Okay so this blog has been well.. How should I put it a bit DEAD.
Me and Linnea tried to salvage the situation, but its too hard to do it on our own.
So We are going to hire 2 NEW writers !
You will have to fill out this application in comments and when Linnea and I have chosen
the two new writers I will make a post about it.

Stardoll Name:
Writing Experience:
Writing Type:
What would you bring to the team:
To get this job you must be fashionable,charismatic,creative and just have a good personality !
We will need writers who can post at least twice a week.
I will get All new banners made for people, and a new banner for the blog.


  1. Name:
    Stardoll Name:
    Writing Experience:
    Writing Type:
    What would you bring to the team:

    Application :

  2. Name: Matty

    Stardoll Name: --matty--

    Writing Experience: I write for The Elite Tabloid

    Writing Type: Gossip

    What would you bring to the team: I would bring a new personality to the team, and fun new posts.

  3. Name: Nicole Jones
    Stardoll Name: Tapstar321
    Writing Experience:,,, Passion Magazine, Rage Magazine, Forever Chic Magazine, etc.
    Writing Type: Fashion blogging, preferably.
    What would you bring to the team: Fashion updates on runway trends and such.

  4. Name:Armanda
    Stardoll Name:iArmanda
    Writing Experience:I have a fashion blog
    Writing Type:Anything really.
    What would you bring to the team:New posts...

  5. Name: Deb
    Stardoll Name: supa_star4real
    Writing Experience:
    Writing Type: Just the general shizz you wanna read? I do Freebies, Gossip and opinionated writing.
    What would you bring to the team:
    I personally love blogging. Its a fun way to not only express your self but tell everyone what shit is going down in the 'stardoll' community. I take my laptop to school 4 out of 5 days, so I do some bloggin' at school in my free time, meaning I can easily write 2 times a week. And I'm definitely a fan of this blog too.

  6. Name: Vicky
    Stardoll Name: Princessvx
    Writing Experience: + Runway Magazine + Rage Magazine + + + Next issue of Dang Magazine + The Fashion Eye + Many More, etc, etc.
    Writing Type: I like to make my posts quite personal and well thought-out.
    What would you bring to the team: I would bring, of course, talent... I would bring some activeness, some fun to the posts, some life to the experience that comes with Our Stardoll Fashion (:

  7. Name:Bronwyn
    Stardoll Name:.Bla.Bla.Bla
    Writing Experience: I recently set up my own blog. I write for 2 blogs...(URLs later,sorry.)
    Writing Type:I like to write about life.Stardoll life.Famewhores and stuff.
    What would you bring to the team: I would bring my writing talent.I am a very active person,i am also a very fun dudette :) I am friendly and would never act off against a fellow team member.I love this blog and i think it would be great to have my own touch in it :)♥

  8. Name: Phoebe Erica B.
    Stardoll Name: Nextpingugirl
    Writing Experience: My own kinda failed blog:
    Writing Type: Everything possible.
    What would you bring to the team: Humor, great ideas and so much more. Everything in one pack.

  9. Name: Kimberly
    Stardoll Name: xxlovexx
    Writing Experience: I have written in LOUD magazine, The Stardoll Shiner and numerous fashion posts in other small blogs.
    Writing Type: I like writing about fashion, but anything that crosses my mind really. (:
    What would you bring to the team? I think I would bring fun, humour, good writing skills, interesting posts and amazing ideas. I'm also a very friendly person, so it is quite easy to make friends. :)

  10. Name: Amirah
    Stardoll Name: A123U456
    Writing Experieces: I wrote for two blogs before. and thee other blog I can't remember the name, however I did a celebrity section for them. ;)
    Writing Type: I can anything for you guys. Give me the task, and I am up for it. But warning you, I can't make graphics and yeah... I think that's all. You can always count on you to post twice a week for you. I'm always active when it comes to blogs. ;) You won't regret hiring me.

  11. Name: Helen

    Stardoll Name: _StarHelen_

    Writing Experience: I have my own blog but I will delete it because it's not very active -

    Writing Type: I can post about almost everything except competitions ... I'm very good at posting about fashion too. I also make graphics, you can see some of them on my blog(link mentioned above)

    What would you bring to the team: I'd bring what people like to see such as news, fashion and maybe gossip!

  12. Name: Sarah
    Stardoll name: DivaMiley1992
    Writing Experience: I write for my own blog : and I make a serie on the blog:

    Writing type: I can write about anything you like. I mostly like contests,but I can post about fashion and other stuff too.

    What would you bring to the team: I'd like to bring a new spark of fashion,great contests,and other awsome stuff.

  13. Name: Ashely
    Stardoll Name: starchild_2
    Writing Experience: I wrote for different blogs before... But that was awhile ago ;) I've done lot's of comp's .. I usually get really good marks in writing
    Writing Type: I write about anything... I love getting peoples opinions on what i should write ;)
    What would you bring to the team: Energy,personality,fashion,contests and a lot of other wonderful things.

    Thank you for time... Xoxoxo

  14. Name: Emily Freja Vaine
    Stardoll Name: Pirata111
    Writing Experience: The Stardoll Freakshow, Haus of Sin (which is kind of dead right now), The Stardoll Bullet, Dany News, State of Fashion, etc..
    Writing Type: Fashion, Trends, Whatever Happens in Dollywood,
    What would you bring to the team: I'd bring some funny'ish posts, because I'm kind of a random person who likes to write about serious things sort of unseriously :)

  15. Name: Devon (I go by Millie or MIllz)
    Stardoll Name:iluvmccain
    Writing Experience: Comtetions (in real live)
    Writing Type: Trends
    What would you bring to the team: I'd like to bring friendhip and humor to theh team( :

  16. Name: Linus Leonardsson
    Stardoll Name: Dog_boy96
    Writing Experience: I've ran my own blog,, for about two & a half years.
    Writing Type: I mainly write about fashion.
    What would you bring to the team: I'd bring much interest to the blog, I believe! I've got a personal writing type, & for what I believe, personality is what is needed if a blog should success.