Friday, March 25, 2011

You're Looking Smokin' Hot, Miss!

 Lady Gaga for Thierry Mugler & Kate Moss for Louis Vuitton
Cigarettes. Deathly for sure. Poisonous as hell. Yes, but fashionable?! For a long time, cigarettes has been seen in editorials, artistic photos, street style pictures, backstage snapshots etc.. But on the runway? No, never. Until now.

Above you can admire Lady Gaga's beautiful face while she walked down the Thierry Mugler runway, covered in smoke. & a little more right you can also see fierce Kate Moss smoking her way down the catwalk of Louis Vuitton. Apparently, cigarettes seems to be the new trend, how sad it even may be.
But really, are we all ready to give up our health just to be trendy or look-a-like to some beloved celebrity? I can't answer for us all, but I think it's very crazy, as well as very irresponsible from the designers, stylists, photographers etc. who's promoting this trend. Sure though, I can admit that it sure looks fierce & casual with a cigarette in your mouth, with white smoke climbing up over your face. But how much are we ready to give up for looking good? What's your opinion about cigarettes in fashion? Would you give up your health to look fierce? Tell me your thoughts in comments, I love feedback.

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  1. I love Lady GaGa's look the most.

  2. Something fresh and never seen before. I love it !

  3. Don't mean to be rude or anythin' but the photo on the left isn't nice, but the right is cool.