Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Era of Partying

Lately, loads and loads of parties has been going on in the stardoll world. Just to days ago it was the grand opening of Kharma Models party, yesterday the birthday party of Aislin Victory, and this friday it's time to party once more! Hosted by Change It Events, we'll all get to attend one fashionable party, just look here:

Simply a party to celebrate the art of fashion! How wonderful. The dress code is White Party, and it will as said be hosted this Friday, at at 6 pm GMT.

Another party which is soon to come, is the release party of the first issue of Outrage Magazine, owned by LadyGagaMcQueen! See the lovely invite below, with no else but Melaine Bookson modeling a sheer dress:
 So, will you attend any of these parties? What's your opinion about stardoll parties overall? Tell me in comments!


  1. It seems that stardoll popularities goes in waves. Not too long also everyone was making a magazine, and now there are a lot of parties. But the more the merrier I guess!

  2. I rarely go to partys on sd lol xD

  3. I love stardoll party's. I might go to this one, if I get the time =)