Monday, June 6, 2011

Get Those Dancing Shoes On!

Hey guys! What have you all been up to lately? I know at least I have been soo busy with final exams and such stuff in school recently. I'm glad it's soon over!

Anyway to go on with the post, I've got some interesting stuff for us all to suck in..
Kharma Models is one of the best modeling agencies all over stardoll, which was pretty recently created by Linus Leonardsson aka. Dog_boy96 and Rihanna Cole aka. Alexcendraburke! With clients such as Fierce Magazine, Kharma, Wonderland of E, RAGE Magazine etc. etc. it can definitely spice your modeling-career up drastically!

Either way, on with the post again. Kharma Models is holding an opening party this Friday! Awesome, eh? On there, supermodels, powerful editors, blog-owners as well as exclusive fashion designers will all gather up to have fun and part-ey! If you can't read at the invite, the party is being held this Friday, the 10th of June, at this site; and the dress code is Ying & Yang! I hope to see you all there, for I know I'll definitely go. ;D


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  1. I love the graphic, and I love Kharma even more !