Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Versace Fail ?

 So as you all may have seen there is a new tribute store on stardoll. 
The name of it is ''Versus'' Versace Tribute.
Versace is a worldwide known, and love brand. 
But the collection that was released on stardoll was... Disappointing !

I actually don't think I like any piece from the collection at all !
All the clothing in this collection seem bland and shapeless. 
Something an old granny would wear if you ask me.

I would really love to hear your opinions on this collection.
Leave a comment with your opinion.



  1. I like a few of the pieces, mainly the bags, but.. As you say I don't get the Versace-feeling! Not especially sexy cuts, nor exciting shapes!

  2. I think I would buy 1 or 2 bags if I was ss, but I don't really like anything else.

  3. I think the Jackets are diverse because we really haven't had anything like it before, on the other hand Plaid? not that appealing. I love the Sessories, you can never go wrong with bags & shoes. The funny thing is that the color block dress was basically already in Limited edition in a better version.

    overall this collection fills like one boring Autumn collection.

  4. It is disappointing, It's like stardoll lost its best graphic designers for well...who knows? But the limited Edition collection this year including antidote, hotbuys the tributes. Well I think (personally) they are not as good as they can be. LE was good, a lot of colors and neon going on their but yeah, what seriously happened to those stardoll graphic designers.

    - Versus.Vercase Tribute:
    They are hideous, they don't even have a shape and they are plaid! The bags are okay but the clothing. Ehh..