Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fantasy Spoiler & Modeling Chance!

Above you may admire Ciaraleanne's beautiful face, alongside with a fantastic dress by Ellen Rouge, aka. eeleenyte10, for her brand Fantasy Couture! I myself is a huge fan of the colours, and the make-up is just dashing! What's your opinion of it?

And oh! Also, if you would like to try out your luck with Fantasy Couture, they're currently hunting for models! Apply here.



  1. I don't really like the make-up on the graphic.. She looks like she was beaten up or something. But other than that it looks great !

  2. I personally LOVE the make-up, it's edgy and very creative! Who ever said that designers always give their models a "pretty" make-up? I've seen many awful but also creative make-ups last week at the Fashion Week in Berlin (actually I watched it on TV).
    I like Fantasy Couture, the dress is stunning and the hair is WOW!