Friday, August 13, 2010

Best Dressed Of The Week Finalists!

Hello everyone! So, it's time for voting again! This week it was just as hard as last week to pick the three girls, you all did a great job! So here's the three contestants:

1. rralucaa1996

2. MissCunha 3. syligirl
Oh, and as I don't know ho to put voting-polls in posts, I'll put it on the sidebar this time, at the top! So, vote on your favorite in the sidebar! Oh, and also tell in comments if you think it's better to have it in the actual post, or on the sidebar. Everything for you readers [:

Good luck to all girls! And if you didn't got in this time, apply for next weeks competition too! As said, it was a very hard decision, maybe it's your turn next time!



  1. Wow ! Thanks ! Congratz to other girls!

  2. Thanks and congrats to the other two!