Friday, August 6, 2010

Sunny Bunny Article

Here it is the Sunny Bunny shop
Its not very sunny where i am its actually raining lol
Anyways i don't really like it as it is not my style but i did buy some things
which i thought were nice !
The concept is about Summer and really kind of girly girl ?
Anyways i think its not really that good but i want your opinion on it what do you
think ?
Leave thoughts in comments !


  1. Haha It's raining by me too.

    I hate the Sunny Bunny collection. They got rid of DKNY for this? I just think Stardol is becoming more stupid now. The Non-SS get treated like a piece of dirt! Most clothes and stuff are either too expensive or SS. It is just not fair anymore.


  2. Thats what stardoll do to get more money they make everything for ss so yous would buy ss :D

  3. I realy dont like this.
    But kids are happy ;)