Monday, August 9, 2010

Some Project Spoilers!

Hello everyone! Okay! So, it's time for some spoilers! Yay for that! So, first out, Stardoll Fashion Week's absolutely First spoiler;
So here it is, Stardoll Fashion Week's [SFW] Absolutely FIRST ever spoiler! I'm so excited about this! But now ,let's focus on the spoiler! I love the clothes, and I love the layer idea! The colors are also great but perhaps a bit more autumn than spring..? Anyway! i love it! It's made by Mary Semanchenko aka Writemarycat and the model is Coconut_Nicole. Thoughts?
Here we see the very first spoiler of Choice Magazine! Made by the fabulous Nika aka RihannyX on stardoll, unfortunately this issue have been a bit late and it's a summer issue, but what the hell? I'm still very excited about it! As said, it's made by RihannyX and the model is Me, .pease. Thoughts?
And here we see a sneak peak of the upcoming Cover issue, together with some content showing too, made by Miki aka lovekuting, the frontpage model is yoTOO. I like the chain and the graphic work is great! But the make up could have been better in my opinion.. But still! Excited! Thoughts?

P.S Click on the names to come directly to their sites.



  1. The dress on the first spoiler is something unbelievable!Love it :)