Saturday, August 21, 2010

Make Up Tutorial - Back To School!

Hello Everyone [: Once again, it's time for our Weekly Make Up Tutorial! This week we got a request from Carleit, wishing this weeks theme would be "Back To School" [If you'd like to request a theme, do it below "Make Up Tips" on the header], it will be a cute and natural look which is perfect for the school start [; So, here we go;

Step 1
Use a bright pink [red may also work] lipstick at about half of your lips [see picture].

Step 2
Apply a skin toned lipstick on your Whole lips, this ads a very natural pink tone at your lips.

Step 3
Apply mascara at the end of your eyes. Very thick!

Step 4
Use a black eye-liner at the way I've done on the picture.

Step 5
Then add a quite dark colored eyepencil that match good with the lips from the end of the eye-liner-line, and as far away from the eyes as possible, towards where the mascara stops [See picture].

Step 6
After that, add some black eyepencil inside the purple [which I used], but be sure not to cross the colored line.

Step 7
Add some more eyepencil, this time white [or another very light color], inside of your eyes [See picture].

Step 8
Now, use a dark blush and apply it in circular movements around your cheekbones, also add some more from your ears, and towards the chin.

Step 9
Done! As you see, I used a pair of big, so called "nerd glasses" to strengthen the school-feeling.

What do You think about this look? Will You try it out? And please give me feedback about what You like/do not like, I'm very curious about Your thoughts [:



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  2. I always love your make up Linnea! great tutorial :]

  3. Oh, Thank You Everyone :D No Suggestions Of Improvements?

  4. That Makeup makes your doll look like Marina Łuczenko

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  6. Who's Marina Łuczenko? [: I'm Sorry, I've Just Never Heard Of Her :'D

  7. Just was I was looking for but better!! :D Thanks

  8. She polish so im not suprised xD
    Google her. shes a singer.

  9. Oh, Hahah :D But Okay! And Yes, They Were Quite The Same :o

  10. nice make up but i don't have whole lips