Monday, August 2, 2010

Helpers Needed ! Read for more info !

Okay so as you can see we are nearing 400 followers but i really wanna make it 500
We do have a broadcaster but as you can see we are not getting many followers at the
moment so If you want to help out by getting followers please sign your name in comments
and then i will contact you in your guestbook i will add you and i will tell you what
to do ! you will not have to spend any of your own money by the way !

Also as Linnea is on vacation you might have noticed there was no best dressed of the
week comp i can't do everything by myself so it will start when she gets back !

And another thing i am getting banners made for the 3 of us !

So if you are interested in helping sign your sd name in comments !
(Only serious helpers wanted)
Thanks SO much from the OSF Team !


  1. Sign your stardoll name here if interested in helping me !

  2. I sign for help you to get more fallowers, my stardoll name is Rebeledefff

  3. Already posting in GB :D

    although nobody replies my post :S

  4. glamie :)

    PS: I wrote about Our Stardoll Fashion on my blog for Poland ;) ( )

  5. Thanks glamie and umm i dunno why they dont they always reply to me ?>??