Monday, August 16, 2010

Best Dressed Of The Week: syligirl

Syligirl's outfit of the day.

The headline says it all, congratulations! So, here's a bit about Ayla, this weeks best dressed;

Name: Ayla
Username: Syligirl
Country: The
Age: 14

Interests: Fashion,Music,Making friends and mush more..

Inspirations For My Outfits: Lady Gaga is a big inspiration for me, I love her style and personality.

Favorite Designers: Iris van Herpen and Alexander McQueen.
Future Dreams: I don't really have any dreams for the future.
Favorite Stardoll Shops: I love all shops, but I think I buy most stuff in starbazaar.
Favorite RL Shops: H&M,vero moda,topshop and new look.

Ayla is also reopening! There she and some of her friends will write about the latest stardoll news, fashion and much more! There will also be an opening party on the 18th of August, invitation will be out soon. Click here to visit the blog and follow!