Thursday, May 20, 2010

60,000,000 Members!

Hello everyone! As I stopped by my suite today I discovered these three gifts, given to me by Stardoll! Of course it's to celebrate that has now reached 60,000,000 member! Amazing! Isn't it? *Applause*
Anyway.. I have to say that they could have chosen a bit more stylish stuff to give away! I mean.. It's nice of them but I'm just sayi ng what I think about them, right [; The colors is nice though! I love pastels! And the cupcake is cute! But the dress is pretty hideous in my opinion.. What do you think about them?



  1. I think its also ugly :/ yuck i think instead of doing those kind of stuff they should give away like a rare to 3 best members in between the 1 million line >? i think it would be cool

  2. Yeah your right its good for non superstars too :D this time you don't have to buy them from starplaza like we usually do !

  3. You Should Have Got Them As A Gift In Your Suite [: