Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Alexander McQueen by Blahm3

Well yet again today not much to post about
so i wanted to write about my all time hero Alexander McQueen
He is very creative and i love his fashion very much
I included some pictures of some of his pieces
I love the way stardoll do put a lot of his clothing in starplaza
and i hope they continue to do so !
What are you favourite Alexander McQueen outfit ?
Leave feedback please


  1. What outfit or piece of clothing by Alexander McQueen do yous most like ? i LOVE the crab shoes :D

  2. The spring summer 2010 collection was my favourite by him so far. I loved the collection of short reptile patterned style dresses . I don't really like the boots in that collection but the heels are amazing! Especially the bright metallic blue ones