Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good or Bad Stardoll ?

What is up with stardoll giving all these things away for free
it feels like they are doing this to make up for something bad that
is going to happen ?
Like last time they started giving free stuff in starplaza and BAM
Our 1sd a day was gone ? what do yous think
We don't do on this blog spoilers like this so if you
want to know how to get them check them at other blogs :)


  1. yeah thats why i done this post its a posibility it might happen :O

  2. Hm, I Was Only Thinking.. IF This Is True! What Will They Remove? :o I Mean.. It Isn't So Much Left To Make Worse /;

  3. Maybe no more LE or Antidote
    Make superstar more expensive or less days
    Make a spending limit in starplaza

    Who knows what they could come up with !

  4. :O I wuld hate if something bad happened !