Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Banner + Shocking News!

Hello everyone! Here's my new banner made by my gorgeous friend Dog_boy96! Thank you! Thoughts? [:

And, now for the shocking news :O Take a look at the picture below:
So, do you find anything that can separate these two identical pantyhose's? You might say no, if so, you're not alone! If yes, write what you've found below in a comment.. Anyway, here's the point! The one that's on the left side has just arrived to the Archive-store in Starplaza, the pair to the right is from the first DKNY collection ever released in Starplaza! Yes, it's true! What a shame Stardoll, to post two identical pantyhose's... Well, well.. Thoughts?

And thanks to Summer_3 for letting me use your DKNY pantyhose's in this post!



  1. my friend has both these they're from the 1st season DKNY.
    the one on the left is darker than the right. ;D

  2. Haha, Yes, True! Just A Small Difference And The DKNY's Has More Which Has Many Different Tones Of Black.. Just Couldn't Really Find The One With The Right Tone [; But look At The Shadows! Exactely Same PLaces ;o

  3. Yeah True stardoll have many shades in them so its actually identical to the DKNY one so yeah if stardoll start bringing rare clothes back collectors are going to be MAD !

  4. yes I know I spend lots of money on real brand clothes

  5. yeah
    i know
    4 non collectors is a good thing bcuz they look identically but 4 collectors it isn't a good thing but this is the life on stardoll
    DKNY are DKNY and stardoll are ..stardoll

  6. I think the left one is a bit darker..
    And I had these tights before..
    only I payed for them 30 SD lol..
    They are pretty :)
    There is identical Heartes print scarf too from PiP shop..

  7. I bought it ^^

  8. I bought it too glamie :D and thanks Sammy508