Monday, May 3, 2010

Introducing: Myself!

Hello Everyone!
I'm Linnea, or .pease. as my username is on Stardoll, the new writer of this blog! So, as my first post, I was thinking of introducing myself to you guys! I'm having a weird habit of writing ever word with a capital letter in the start, but I'll try to write "normal" for you [; So here we go!

My name is as said Linnea and I'm a thirteen years old girl from Sweden. I'm in love to fashion and I'm crazy about music, other things that amazes me is my wonderful friends and family, smart people, funny words, insanely loud noises and people who dare to be themselves!

My inspirations in fashion can be almost everything! When I create my outfits, I take my inspiration from my own life, a great song a recently heard or a phrase my friend said to me at the mathematics-lesson in school, a leaf that fell down in front of me as I walked home or maybe a new cool movie I've seen, you get it? I get my inspiration from everything in my life!

So, I guess that's me [: If you have any questions or such you could always add me! .pease. is my username on Stardoll. I'll see you soon!

[Banner will come soon]



  1. Come on everyone welcome our new Writer !

  2. Oh, how exciting :D

    P.S! Your banner will be done soon Linnea [:

  3. ohh hi you have a really pretty medoll