Sunday, May 9, 2010

My account Issue !

Ok when i went to log on today it said stardoll is
making updates and it wouldn't let me log on
so i tried my other account RetroPhysical
And it let me log in so i got scared i went to my account (Blahm3)
And look what happened !
I started to cry :(
Look everything is gone except clubs and dress up dolls !
I was so scared i wouldn't get it back !
So when i got back from church i saw it was back to normal
i am still waiting for stardoll reply about this !
I though i was going to loose my account !
Sorry for the bad image click it to enlarge !


  1. Sorry for the bad image i was really upset !

  2. i'm sure it'll be back to usual by tomorrow hunnie (:

  3. It is already but this is the way it was !

  4. That happens to me often:) you are not alone.:)

  5. It happeded to my friend, pato_77 earlier, but its back to normal now, dont worry, :)

  6. Retro physical is Gaga song.

  7. Oh really ? :O

    And yeah applead i made a doll called Retrophysical :D

  8. I visited ur suit and its fine xx

  9. Yeah coz its fixed now :) xoxo

  10. That happened to me last night! My sister logged in on the other computer and it worked. But i tried this morning and it works. :D

  11. Haha that happend to me once, all my cubs dissapeared and i was like "what?!?" haha.