Saturday, May 8, 2010

Stardoll Top Shop !

Well i don't know why but i keep on
thinking that top shop is coming on stardoll ?
We had so many Topshop items
in the past year so i am thinking why not ?
Its a cool brand some lovely items from it could
be brought onto stardoll ?
This is just what i think it does not mean Topshop
will be on Stardoll !
But eh it would be so cool if i was right ?
What do you think about my idea ?
And what would you like to see on stardoll or what do you
think will be on it ?

Kate Moss

Top Shop


  1. What do you think about my idea and please tell me your ideas ?

  2. I would love Topshop to come on Stardoll, that would defiantly make my day1

  3. Top shop is actually a great shop because it does all sorts of style :)