Friday, May 14, 2010

New Stores!

Hello everyone! As I just checked my e-mails, I noticed this message from Stardoll:
As you may already have noticed, it's on Swedish! :o Revolutionary, I know! No, let's get serious for a moment, so sorry. Anyway, as you might see, I've been drawing some red under one sentence, if you would translate it into English it would be "...As we make room for new brands and stores."!! It's gonna come new brands and stores to Stardoll everyone!

So, do you remember that old picture of a Louis Vuitton Stardoll store? Maybe it isn't a fake as very many thought since it hasn't arrived yet, maybe that's one of the new stores! Hm.. Still, this is just a guess.. But soon, we'll see if this guess is correct [; Thoughts?



  1. OMG! i hope it is the Vuitton store

  2. I'm too ! I love Louis Vuitton !!!!!

  3. Not the LV store.

    Store spoilers come WITHOUT the prices marked, but this one had the prices. It's 100% fake. Guaernteed, by me! XD