Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hairy Fashion !

Hey do you love some more innovative fashion trends ? If answer is yes then hairy fashion designs are perfect for you. These fashion designs are ultimate fashion dresses from Spring/summer RTW collection. These are also part of celebrity’s style sense.

And we all love to follow celebrity’s fashion trend that’s why hairy fashion designs are one of the top fashion outfit. I am talking about really hairy the kind that make you look like Big Bird.

Now the insanely hairy designs are being embraced by fashion magazines, as you can see in this editorial in the January issue of Flair magazine. If you are particular about your style then invest money in more elegant and stylish

What Are your thoughts???
Pretty cool , huh !


  1. They are awesome i love the first yellow dress it looks so vintage :D

  2. I always love your posts !

    I find it interesting and i really
    love the way you wrote about them !