Thursday, June 17, 2010

LUXE Make Up Out!

Hello everyone! A new make-up brand is now for sale in Starplaza! LUXE! It may get heard at the name , but, this make-up collection is A LOT more expensive than the previous collections from Sephora and DOT.. In my opinion; Too expensive for make-up. One piece I found interesting was the lipgloss! It has never been another lipgloss on Stardoll so I think this was a nice piece.. Unfortunately; It's fairly seen from a long view, too bad!
Lipstick and lipgloss.

Another interesting thing is the fact that this make-up actually shimmers! Yes, try it yourself! Maybe that's why the high price?

What do You think about it?



  1. yeh cum on they're so expensive if u buy everything then u hav to pay 700sd >=(! I hate wasting my money

  2. It looks nice on a first glance but to be honest i don't think the eyeshadows in particular look that nice on my doll :-/
    You can't really see the glitter it just looks like little white bits.
    I bought a few bits but after i saw how it looked on my doll i didn't buy anymore