Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yet another mistake made by stardoll !

Well here's a stardoll glitch i just found !
Look at there 2 pairs of shoes looks identical right ?
You would say exact same brand ?
Well the ones on ther left are

Miss Sixty Stiletto Oxford's

And on the right they are

Tingeling Inspired by Alexander McQueen !

i think stardoll are getting a bit lazy with the designs they are the exact
same shoes with a different brand name !
This is like the post .pease. done with the Black Archive tights looking exactly
like the DKNY runway black tights !
Any thoughts ?


  1. wow, stardoll, stardoll, stardoll....

    that is a complete fail [: lol

  2. The shoes on the right might look smaller but they are not its just the printscreen !

  3. Yeah there is actually no difference it is exactly the same !

  4. maybe stardoll made two on purpose one for SS the other for Non-SS

  5. Sorry i know this has nothing to do with the thing and the shoes are heaps hot, but ive always wanted to ask youh, is that youh in your blahme3 picture? Because its heaps good and what software did youh use to make it?

  6. omg stardoll make loads of mistakes everytime

  7. They are the exact same. Silly really.
    I have the McQueen ones but obviously i didn't buy the miss sixty ones.
    Lazy stardoll....

  8. the miss sixty ones are slightly different