Thursday, June 3, 2010

Important Information, Please Read.

Hello everyone! Okay, this is not Fashion related, but anyway.. As I logged online Stardoll today, I found this message, typed on one of my absolutely best friends, alva_söt's presentation! As you all may understand I was in a grave shock! Of course I checked with Alva, with the pics she's posted on her presentation and with Magic-pink if this could be true, my conclusion is that it sure is true! Alva has even let me log online to her account to get this confirmed, I can truly say, Magic-pink is a hacker and she's hacked Alva of all of her greatest rares, LE's, DKNY's and Hot Buy's!! Would you all please help Alva by reporting this hacker called Magic-pink? We don't want hackers and scammers on our beloved internet-site, do we? Let's start with getting this one of! Here's a link for her suite:

Please, report and block! It would mean a lot to me and to Alva [':

Thank you all!


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