Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spotlight on: shake-something!

Hello everyone! And welcome to our very first "Spotlight On"! I'm proud to present the first fashion Icon to be interviewed; shake-something! First of all, I'd like to present Aba a bit..
Aba's mostly known for her iconic and original outfits! Like this one which she wears today.. But it's not only creating outfits she can do! Nono, she has also won several modeling cycle's and she's also judged many modeling cycle's.. Anyway, let's continue on with the interview, shall we? Here we go [L-Linnea, A-Aba]:

L: Hello Aba! How are you?

A: Heii Linnea!!I'm great and well,i admit a bit excited!! :D

L: Haha! That's great! Anyway, let's go on to the first question. When you create one of your iconic outfits, where do you get your inspiration from?

A: Waw..Iconic outfits..thanks for such a compliment! :D
Actually,this is such a hard question and there isn't any particular answer for it..I usually think of a piece of clothing i'd like to use and all the rest comes by itself i guess. :)

L: For sure! Haha, I know it's a hard question [; Why would I otherwise have picked it? Anyway.. Good answer! Now, for the next question. Do you have any specific fashion icons or role models? In that case, who are they?

A: Hehe..Actually,I don't..In life i always admire people who started off with nothing and didn't fail to succeed so when it comes to fashion and role models,I'll have to say the same thing! :)

L: Great answer! Let's continue. So, as you admire people that starts with nothing and don't fail to succeed, would you like to achieve something special in your life? In that case what?

A: Well,i believe that everyone does,right?To me it would be to be well known for something i i still can't tell what it could be but whatever the future brings to me i wan't to be succesfull in it.Then i know it's worth it! :)

L: Great answer! So, let's continue on with the next question, your username, it's really nice and different! So my question for you is, from where did you got "shake-something"? Was it from something special or was it just simply random?

A: Haha..i still don't know what to thin about it myself but i think it was quite random..On the 16.11.2008(the date i joined) i was totally obsessed with the group PCD..i bought this "PCD live in London" and there was one performance called "Show me what you got"..Every girl did a little performance and Jessica was shaking her..well let's say "behind"..I loved the whole perfromance really much and i guess that's how "shake-something" came out! :D

L: Haha, okay! So, now it's time for the very last question..Do you have any motto? In that case, what is it?

A: No,i don't..But i'd do have one it would be probably something like:"Don't get stressed by little things in your life"..People often get way to upset 'couse of some meaningless stuff in life while we actually don't even know how good our lifes are. :)

L: Thank you very much Aba! [:

Ahmazing answers! Don't you agree? [': Anyway.. This was it for now! For the next time I'll probably get a better banner, more interesting questions, and, of course, a new fashion icon to interview! If you think it could be you or if you have any suggestions for how to make "Spotlight On" better, please contact me on Stardoll [.pease.]!



  1. Oh No /: There's This Huge Glitch In The Middle of The Interview As You May See.. If Anyone Knows How To Remove It! Contact Me On Stardoll! You'll Get Rewarded!

  2. Oh Linnea i fixed it ;)

    And an amazing interview :)

  3. Amazing interview and yes her fashion is amazing !

  4. She is my best friend LOVE YOU ABA