Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spotlight On: Findurlove

Hello everyone! As you might have noticed I am not going to post "Spotlight On:" once a week.. I'll do it as often as possible instead as some Icons take longer time to interview than others.. Anyway! This time I've interviewed Findurlove, also known as Maggie by her friends.. So here we go! [M - Maggie, L - Linnea]

M: Hello Linnea, I am fine thank you :]

L: That's nice to hear! So, let's continue with the first question. With your own words; how would you describe your style?

M: Well Linnea, my style is simple delicacy with an edgy metallic look. Such as Chanel mixed with Balmain, such as the delicate waves hit the rocks in the shore.

L: Amazing! But, where do you get inspiration for these outfits then?

M: Basically, my inspiration comes from my favorite designers, I usually follow a certain trend; or defy the fashion boundaries with my own out of the box ideas, yet still in relation to the seen trend of the season...

L: Great answer! So, who's your favorite designers?

M: I can not pick a favorite designer; because of the variety of designers I like; and what they offer are completely different sets of trends and clothes. I adore Oscar de La Renta, Marchesa, Ellie Saab, and Carolina Herrera :]

L: Oh, okay! Agreed. So, let's go on.. So, what's your future plans? Any special dreams or anything that you'd like to achieve? Maybe become a fashion designer?

M: Well, I take fashion in real life as a passion, not as a career. Of course, I would want to keep fashion with me forever, although, I would keep my passion for fashion a hobby that I adore and a love that I'll never forget. As for being a fashion designer, I would love to have to design clothes; I might be doing so, as a part time thing, but not full time, fashion is about expecting trends, its a subjective career - just like stocks.

L: Okay! So, if you'd not like to work with Fashion, what would you like to do instead? Do you have any plans?

M: Currently, I am keeping options open, I would like to try some subjects out, trying to see what major to choose, and hopefully I will choose the right one. I want to choose a major that can help me explore myself, the world, the people the places, and everything around me!

L: I must admit, very cleaver to think like that! Okay, let's go on.. Do you have any fashion role models or icons? In that case, who are they?

M: Yes, In case of fashion, I have a few Icons, for example, Kate Moss her modeling skills, beauty and ongoing edgy style is nothing but fabulous and classy. Another fashion Icon has to be Karl Lagerfeld; he designs such wonderful masterpieces for Chanel and for Fendi; which often are simple, elegant, and just remarkable.

L: Interesting! But do you only have famous fashion Icons or do you have any special people that's close to you in real life that inspires you too?

M: I have many people who inspired me and continue to do so; of course I have my sister who helped me take my first steps as a child, and continues to do so; her hard work and effort is an inspiration to me. She influenced me greatly and she is the one who most probably is the closest to me. Of course, I have famous celebrities whom influence me as well, such as Anne Hathaway, and Jennifer Aniston, it is simply complicated for me to explain how much each has a role-model figure for me.

L: Great answer! Sadly, I think we have to end now, thank you so much for the interview Maggie! It sure was really interesting!

M: Your welcome; and glad to have taken this interview :]


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