Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Unhealthy Models Vs Healthy Model

I debated on weather or not to post this .
But i decided that this is reality and maybe something
we should think about ........................
i was browsing to find some extreme fashions and
stumbled across these models and thought it
might be a good topic to talk about !

Unhealthy Models !

My opinion : this is really sad and Im not sure why these girls are modeling like this , i think they should be in a hospital getting the help they need to get healthy And (maybe a burger or Three ~! ) this is really unhealthy Wow ! what is your opinion??????

Healthy Model !
My opinion : this is healthy and beautiful !

Whats your opinion ?? and or concerns ??

Thanks !


  1. That's a lovely and meaningful post shows what lenghts theese girls have to go through and personally i think it looks disgusting not good ! you can actually see her ribcage bones :( some people do suffer from anerexia but i think they are making a mockery out of it and destroying their own bodies !

  2. Thats shocking and i think this shows girls who try to be skinny what harm they are doing to their bodys and this does NOT make them look good i would rather have a lil flab on my stomach than look like that ! Even though i am not fat i will try never look like that !

  3. I feel that this is such an important topic to
    talk about . Its very shocking to me and i just couldnt leave it
    i felt that this was something worth getting out there so people can see and think about the message that this sends , i personally feel that the designers should not have these models modeling these clothes it sends a bad message to young girls .

  4. I think us girls should start a campaign against such things i find it shocking that the designers would allow such unhealthy people on the catwalk showing us these images of such unhealthily skinny people ! And make young girls selfconcious about their weight !

  5. exactly
    if I was this designer
    I wouldnt want them to model my clothes
    why would they promote this??

  6. They should have medium size girls or even bigger it doesn't really matter what size those clothes on them look baggy and shapeless !

  7. Wow. If people think that being that skinny is pretty they need serious help. It's disgusting! People need to realize that they can be beautiful by just being themselves!

  8. I think you're not a good designer if you can't design clothes that look good on REAL shaped women.

  9. I am surprised that they can even find clothes that fit. I am very skinny( I get it from my dads side) I just sit on a computer all day, but I do a lot of sports. You can see my rib cage but only on the front. At least I have meat on me:) When I see those very skinny girls I just want to stuff meat in there mouths!

  10. Oh my god.
    I totally agree with you.
    The fact is that those first models think they are gorgeous like that! They need to get their eyes open and ralize they can die of hunger.
    I mean, they are nothing but skin and bones.
    The third model yeah, she's got a beautiful body but her face could look better.
    Thanks for posting this topic.
    Kiss kiss

  11. Just wanted to inform you that the first two pictures you've shown are fake. I was doing a project on skinny models a few months ago and came across those pictures (the original photos, and the photshopped ones). If you want to take a look for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLM7UueffEo
    It is very easy to make a healthy model look annorexic with the help of photoshop.

  12. Thanks for the info on that
    and there is a difference in the real and fake
    did not know that it was a fake photo
    when i posted it
    When looking at the video I see that the models are very thin in the real photos ( I dont feel that they are healthy )
    but there is a difference
    thank you =)

  13. the skinny models look like as if they're in -1st

  14. I don't think theirs anything wrong with using minimum size 6 > 8ish (size 2 > 4 in the usa) models but below that is just too much.
    I mean everyone knows runway models are ment to be tall and slim and thats ok i think but the super skinny size 0 ones should not be allowed. That is just crossing the line. Most models are about 5'10 and being that slim at that height is not healthy.