Monday, June 7, 2010

New Antidote ?

Hmm strange here's the antidote shop its empty ?
Is there a new antidote shop coming ?
I think its a little bit too fast we just bought LE and probably are
all broke so maybe stardoll should wait atleast 2 weeks ?
Well if it is coming soon maybe it will be better than last time ?


  1. Yeah you are right they should give us a while before releasing another expensive thing !

  2. I think stardoll are spoiling the fun of stores like LE and Antidote by releasing them wayyyyyyy too often!
    Its no longer special if they release new collections too soon after the last. It kills the excitement.
    And also i do think the past few weeks have been very unfair on people who don't have alot of money to spend on stardoll. Im lucky that i can afford stardollars when i want but not everyone can. And in the past while stardoll have brought out the penthouse, Chanel, LE and a new gift-o-meter. Thats way too many expensive things in one go.