Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back to couture stardoll !

Well i was just thinking of a new exciting post and i remembered the Halloween
Couture store that came to stardoll back in 2009 i think the clothes
in that store were some of my favourite on stardoll especially those purple boots
I think when stores like that come around you only get one chance to buy the items
because they go away quickly and the double or triple in price after !
Did you like that store ? what was your favourite item ?


  1. Any thoughts ?

    Did you like the store ?

    What was your favourite item ?

    I did

    And my fave item was the purple boots !

  2. i reely wanted to buy them

    But i didnt join stardoll then =(

  3. Yeees I absolutely love(d) that shop!
    My fav things were that loop sweater dress, belt, shaggy dress thingy, and purple boots ;)

    And many more :P
    But people now sell it for fortune..
    so I have only Ragdoll purse..
    (or maybe I sold it for fortune too.. not sure.)

  4. I like it very much. I have dress, shoes and mask, but I want more pieces

  5. I love it, I think I wasnt superstar when they came out, so it took me a while to collect them all, but I made it.

  6. My favorite is black-red dress from 2 page ;)

  7. I wasn't really active as much on stardoll back then :] but i did see the shop but i wasn't ss
    but i did like them !

  8. The shop was quite nice! I like the boots too, though I only got to buy the dress thing above the purple boots :). X

  9. I remember that.. But I didn't buy anything :(
    my fav. : 2nd page : right, black dress..

  10. I loved EVERYTHING in that store! Especially the Rodarte Boots and Alexander McQueen shoes.

  11. I bought quite a few things from that store =]
    Only thing ive sold is the rag doll purse which i sold for 100sd =] nice lil profit x