Saturday, July 17, 2010

Big Brother Stardoll is Hiring:

Dioguardi Group Project (Big Brother Stardoll) is hiring new people for it, here it is all info from BBS Blog:

This last weeks BBS has been like dead, no good tasks, a few eliminations and so but this is going to change because today I am proud to open 4 new jobs for the BBS blog.

I have decided to hire:

- 1 Tasks manager: This person will give the contestants the information for the task, inform them deadline and will keep them updated.

- 3 Task Idea givers: This 3 people will help me decide on each tasks for the contestants and will try the best to see all sides of each contestant, like fashion, creativity and more.

The 4 will join me and my whole new team which is:

1.- Blahm3 (Amanda) - BBS & DG Assistant
2.- Shakira_Avril (Petra) - BBS Helper
3.- Mirka_17 (Mirka), Superoh (Evi), M_Themis (Fenia) - Party Hosters
4.- Findurlove (Maggie), Hunnigall (Alice), Mosky-Magazine (Tiffany), Vpurple (Varinder), Ciaraleanne (Ciara) - Judges along with me

If you are interested in applying for any of the positions please fill this form and post it at BBS blog by clicking HERE.
Stardoll name:
Real Name:
Position you apply for:
Reason why you are applying:
Why should I trust on you for this job:

Last day to apply is July 23rd.

Still this upcoming week there will be a BBS task, and a party too, and new contestants too. Keep checking it daily for more info.