Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Christmas Voile in 2009

Yesterday i done the Halloween couture store post that was out in 2009
now i am doing the Christmas store that came out from voile !
The items from that store aren't worth as much as from the other
one but some pieces are very cute !
I love the white feather dress !
I bought it a few days ago from a bazar !
Did you like that store what was your fave piece ?
Leave your thoughts in comments !

(Click to enlarge)


  1. Sorry for not getting more images

    Well i loved the store and my fave piece was the white feather dress yours ?

  2. I liked the shoes only..
    I didn't really like the shop..

  3. My fav. is ... :S the black belt [:

  4. I love this collection. Who sell me this dress?

  5. Hm many of yous like the shoes and yes they are nice :)

  6. I liked that store but i wasn't ss i think i have something from it :]

  7. I liked the accessories :)