Saturday, July 24, 2010

Futuristic Fashion. By Blahm3

When we think of the future we think of flying cars diseases being cured
and an easier way of life.
But not many of us think about the fashion of the future !
I did a post before about futuristic fashion but i wanna do a better one now!
These futuristic designs are by one of my most favourite abstract fashion
designers called Ara-Jo
As you can see by her work she is amazing and really does make beautiful stuff
obviously you wouldn't wear these down town but these are definitely meant
for the catwalks but it does open our eyes to the fashion
we may see in the future.
Thanks for reading my article.


  1. Any thoughts ?

    Dont forget to vote on the Best Dressed Poll thanks !

  2. M favourtie one is the first one too :)

  3. I love it enjoyed reading the article !!

  4. Really interesting. Though I'm not sure I'd wear any of these :D

  5. Lol i dont think any of us would unless on a runway :P

  6. I Adore These Designers, Especially The Last!

  7. I like it! can you follow my blog?:D

  8. It Reminds me Silent Hill(movie) Monsters :O

  9. Wow! those stuck together tights are insane :D Matty/Ashlee_bu hit the nail on the head disturbing like Silent Hill

  10. wow if that is the future of fashion , then i'll not try to be fashionable at all then!!