Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our-Stardoll-Fashion is Under Consturction !

As you can read in this image me and the team are giving the blog
a makeover which includes !

1: New Header
2: Side Bare Gadgets
3: More comps !

You might have seen some of these changes already but we are trying our best
to make the blog as good as we can !
If you have any ideas what we can add tell us in comments thanks !

-Blahm3 .pease. Chargerchick Leia1810.


  1. Have New Writer Lol?
    Do Like A Our Stardoll Fashion Magazine Then Our Fashion Stardoll Modelling Comp Then The Cycle One Winner Gets To Be Featured And Other Stuff.. Contact My Stardoll Alexendraburke

  2. New writer no

    Magazine Maybe

    And thats kinda like the comp we will do :D

  3. Oh So That's Going To Happen?
    Or Its Happening ?

  4. I don't think blog needs more writers..
    Comps yes :D

  5. I agree people like new comps writers i think we have enough !